These days I'm making pop tracks as AM Coitus.

I've also been lucky to have:

  • • Toured Europe 6 times over as one third of Brooklyn-based band, Polite Sleeper
  • • Helped shape San Francisco's scene as one third of instrumental trio, Barbarossa
  • • Played keyboards as member of Tokyo-based twee indie band, Lost in Found
  • • Worked full-time as a ringtone composer and programmer during the peak of the polyphonic craze
  • • Played piano for the University of Colorado Jazz Ensemble
  • • Arranged and programmed rock hits as general MIDI for the very first mobile version of Guitar Hero

Scoring Samples

Out There

Scored this short film about 8-year-old Ollie, who discovers strange lights in his backyard. Recipient of the Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music in Film.

The 4th Member of BLT

Created the hit single 'You Are What You Eat' for BLT, a fictional 90's girl R&B band. This webisode for Subway® is proof that they once had a fourth member who didn't quite fit in.

Inter-Ingredient Love

Scored this webisode for Subway®, featuring an 'Eye of the Tiger' homage at 2:10 and a Barry White-esque love scene at 5:01